MediLabSecure presented at the Medical Biodefense Conference 2023

One Health
biomedical conference


Dr. Guillain Mikaty, one of the leaders of the human virology expertise, presented MediLabSecure's work at the annual Medical Biodefense Conference held from October 22nd to 25th, 2023. The event took place at the Institut Mikrobiologii I Immunologii in Germany.

Dr. Mikaty's presentation called “Medilabsecure, One-Health Network for the Prevention of Vector-Borne Diseases Emergence at the European’s Doors” centered around the critical role of MediLabSecure as a One Health network dedicated to preventing the emergence of vector-borne diseases at Europe's doorstep. With a focus on collaborative efforts among various disciplines, this initiative has contributed to enhancing our understanding of the complexities associated with these diseases and their potential impact on public health.

The conference provides an ideal platform for experts, researchers, and professionals to exchange insights, share advancements, and foster innovation in the realm of medical biodefense. Dr. Mikaty's talk highlighted the role that a One Health Network such as MediLabSecure plays in strengthening our preparedness and response strategies against the growing threat of vector-borne diseases.

For more details about the conference, please visit the official event website: conference.instmikrobiobw.de.

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