Our Mission


The MediLabSecure project aims to mitigate emerging biological risks in the Mediterranean, Blakans, Black Sea, Maghreb and Sahel regions. More specifically, the project focuses on risks related to vector-borne diseases that are more likely to occur due to environmental and climate changes. The main lines of action are the strengthening of institutional capacities of reference laboratories and public health institutions as well as the promotion of the added value to implement One Health response plans and surveillance at national and regional levels.

Capitalizing on the MediLabSecure network active since 2014, involving national reference laboratories and public health institutions from 22 countries, expert in the field of vector-borne diseases, the purpose of the MediLabSecure project is to provide capacity building and networking activities by:

  • strengthening and harmonizing preparedness and response capacities on health threats related mainly to vector-borne viruses and their vectors in the target regions.
  • enhancing awareness of the added value of integrated surveillance, risk assessment and early warning to prevent and control epidemics.
  • promoting institutional adaptation to the integrated management of zoonotic diseases coming from animals and stimulating the sustainability of the one health workforce.
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