Spatial Modeling Training: Empowering Health Surveillance and Preparedness in Türkiye and Armenia

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Our Spatial Modeling team conducted a training in person from July 31st to August 11th, with Ruben Danielyan representing Armenia and Ilke Karayel Hacıoğlu representing Türkiye.

spatial modeling training

The primary goal of this training was to provide participants with a solid foundation in spatial modeling techniques. Using the available data on diseases of interest in their respective countries, they learned how to analyze infectious disease patterns and identify high-risk areas through advanced geospatial tools.

Diving into GIS Technology

Throughout the intensive training, Ilke and Ruben immersed themselves in GIS (Geographical Information System) technology and its application to health data analysis. They gained hands-on experience in creating risk maps, highlighting disease hotspots, and contributing to enhanced disease surveillance efforts.

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