Implementation of the One Health MESAPLUS study in Montenegro

One Health
Public Health


MediLabSecure public health team, the Italian National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità), established the MediLabSecure Situation Analysis study (MESAPLUS study) in Montenegro from July 10th to 12th. Collaborating partners included the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro and WHO Montenegro Country Office.

The study aimed to evaluate the level of integration between different sectors at the national level concerning the prevention and preparedness for threats at the human-animal-environment interface, such as vector-borne diseases and zoonoses. Stakeholders from various Montenegrin Institutions actively were engaged in the study.

The findings highlighted three key areas for consolidating the National One Health System:

  1. Establishment of a National One Health Committee: This committee would facilitate effective coordination and collaboration among stakeholders involved in public health, animal health and environmental health.
  2. Multisectoral Capacity Building and One Health Awareness: The study emphasized the importance of enhancing knowledge and understanding of the One Health approach across different sectors to foster collective efforts in addressing health challenges.
  3. Development of Data Sharing Procedures: Implementing procedures to facilitate seamless information exchange among sectors would enhance response capabilities and decision-making.

The partnerships established for this study represent a significant opportunity to foster collaboration and communication among diverse disciplines and sectors. It advocates for the application of the One Health approach during preparedness phases, both nationally and internationally.

Dr. sci Mina Brajovic, sharing her insights, highlighted the significance of the One Health approach. Focusing on the interconnectedness of animal, environmental and human health, it offers a comprehensive framework for designing and implementing programs, policies and legislation. By encouraging engagement and cooperation among multiple sectors, the approach aims to achieve better public health outcomes and improve health emergency preparedness and response.

Adopting and integrating the One Health approach into plans and policies requires long-term commitment and support from public policymakers. By implementing measures that prioritize prevention, control, and crisis response, Montenegro can enhance its ability to combat health risks effectively. MediLabSecure encourages an integrated, intersectoral approach to address health challenges. Through joint efforts and dedication, we can pave the way for a safer future for all.

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