Webinar : Epi-Training In Basic In "Basic Epidemiology And Risk Assessment"

Animal virology
Human virology


An EPI-training on "Basic epidemiology and risk assessment" was launched on the 1st of June. The training consisted of 3 video lectures (available on the platform from the 1st to the end of June) and an interactive workshop. The three lectures focused on strategies for disease control, prevention, eradication, rapid risk assessment and One Health foundations. The interactive workshop was held online on the 13th of June; 19 participants in the epi-training course joined the workshop, representing 10 countries of the MediLabsecure Network (Serbia, Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Armenia, Kosovo, Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey). During the workshop, specific aspects and questions that emerged from the three video lectures were addressed. Moreover, the second part of the workshop was dedicated to risk communication, with practical examples of do's and don'ts.

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