Metagenomics worshop: toward a new generation sequencing

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metagenomics workshop


The Emergency Cell for Biological Intervention (CIBU) from Institut Pasteur organized a comprehensive five-day workshop on metagenomics, specifically designed for 12 researchers in human and animal virology. The program, from April 17th to 21st, 2023, focused on the practical aspects of sequencing pathogens' genetic materials.

The program started with an introduction to the course, followed by a chair session to test the participants' knowledge. The course instructors introduced with two different sequencing equipment and provided participants with an opportunity to ask questions. The course covered pre-treatment, cDNA synthesis, non-targeted cDNA amplification, library preparation, and a run on the material MK1C. Participants were also introduced to Nanopore tools such as EPI2Me and WIMP.

In addition to sequencing, the course included an introduction to bioinformatics. Participants were taught about open source web-based bioinformatics platforms. They were provided with information about flow cell washing to data transfer.

Once the data collected, participants learned more about data analysis surveillance. At the end of the course, they had the opportunity to share their results and analyses with other participants as well as discuss and test their knowledge.

The metagenomics course is an opportunity for the researchers to learn how to sequence on new technological equipment from hands-on experience.

A second metagenomics workshop will take place in May. 

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