MediLabSecure well represented at the 7th world one health congress

One Health
World one health congress


The 7th World One Health Congress took place in Singapore from November 7th to 11th 2022.  This 5-day event reunited experts from around the world to share learnings across diverse disciplines. 

MediLabSecure project has been well represented through: 

  • An oral presentation on how Mauritania has tackled the Rift Valley fever outbreak during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to a One Health surveillance, by Dr Guillain Mikaty, leader for the human virology expertise
  • A poster on "Improving prevention and preparedness to arboviral infections: a community-based One Health model", presented by Ms Claudia Robbiati, PhD fellow
  • An oral presentation on the integration of One Health approach through Anthrax case in Armenia by Dr Maria Grazia Dente leader of the public health expertise


On the whole, the five-day Congress was a great success. With all the focus on preparedness, prevention must not be forgotten, as Dr. Monique Eloit, Director General of the World Organization for Animal Health pointed it during the opening ceremony: 

We urgently need to transform our relationship with the environment and the way we address pathogens’ emergence and spread. When talking about prevention, preparedness, response, please do not neglect the first P—prevention, which is the first crucial step to stop or at least limit spillovers of zoonotic diseases from animals to humans.

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