Sharing Scientific Results with non-scientists: MediLabSecure's Policy Brief Training

One Health
policy brief training


Research results often remain confined to scientific journals, making it difficult for decision-makers and the general public to access and understand them. To bridge this gap, the MediLabSecure team is organizing a training course designed to enhance the skills of laboratories and institutes scientists in sharing scientific results with a wider audience by adapting them into policy briefs. This will facilitate effective decision-making in controlling vector-borne diseases.

The training course, scheduled from October 24th to 26th, in Sète, France, had consisted of a mandatory MOOC session, which will be followed by a three-day on-site course. The 27 participants selected from 19 countries, will receive comprehensive training on policy brief writing and related skills, including knowledge transfer, target audience selection, methodology, impact assessment, evaluation, self-motivation, and authorship. The course will be conducted in both French and English to cater to the diverse linguistic backgrounds of participants.

As part of the training, participants will have the opportunity to present their finalized policy brief projects during a dedicated session, showcasing the practical application of their newly acquired skills.

This training course is a step toward bridging the gap between scientific research and decision-making in the field of vector-borne diseases. By empowering laboratories and institutes to effectively share their research findings with non-scientists, we can enable more informed decision-making processes, leading to more effective control measures.

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