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One Health network for the prevention of vector-borne diseases around the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions

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Constant efforts are undertaken by the MediLabSecure team to promote the Project.

Please find at the "publications" page, the list of articles that have been published in relation with the project.

Here is the list of meetings, conferences, and other international events where our initiative was presented:

From Episouth to MediLabSecure :

strengthening preparedness and capacity building in Mediterranean and Black Sea Countries

MediLabSecure : One health network for preparedness and response to viral threats in  the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions

  • October 2017 : Oral presentation of the Public Health working group at the final conference of the european project ASSET (Roma, October 30-31, 2017) (Maria Grazia Dente; Silvia Declich)

Presentation available here

Have a look at the poster here

"The MediLabSecure network: Improving the entomological surveillance in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions"

  • June 2017 : Poster presented at the International Symposium of the World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (WAVLD) (7-10 June 2017. Sorrento, Italy)
    Pérez-Ramírez, E., Cano-Gómez, C., Llorente,F., Fernández-Pinero, J., Jiménez-Clavero M.A. The animal virology network of MediLabSecure: Improving the diagnosis of arboviruses in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions. 



Slides available here

Poster available here

  • June 2015: Poster presented at the XIII Congreso Nacional deVirología (SEV) (June 7-10 2015, Madrid, Spain) (Miguel Ángel Jimenez-Clavero) 

    Jiménez-Clavero, M.A., Pérez-Ramírez E., Manuguerra,J.-C., Escadafal C., Robert, V., Picard, M., Dente,  M.G., Declich, S., Riccardo, F., Cherblanc,F., Victoir, K. MediLabSecure:  implementing a laboratory network forvector-borne diseases bringing together animal virology, human virology andentomology in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions through a one healthapproach.  

  • May 2015: CBRN CoE National Focal Point Meeting (20th May 2015, Genval, Belgium) (Kathleen Vicoir). Slides available here.
  • May 2015: WVA/WMA Global Conference on One Health (21st -22nd May 2015, Madrid, Spain) (Fanny Cherblanc & Elisa Pérez Ramirez)

Click here to download the poster presented at this Conference 

and here to view the report of the conference (link to the presentations)

  • April 2015: Genes, ecosystems and risk of infection-GERI 2015, Crete, Greece (April 21-23 2015) (Miguel Ángel Jimenez-Clavero) 

    Jiménez-Clavero, M.A., Dente, M.G., Declich S.,Robert V., Manuguerra J.C., Victoir K. MediLabSecure:Implementing a network of virology and entomology laboratories for a one healthapproach of vectorborne viruses in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.

  • February 2015: Eastern Mediterranean Region - Public Health Laboratories Strategic Plan meeting, Tunisia (Jean-Claude  Manuguerra)
  • January 2015: Oral presentation at the VectorNet Annual General Meeting, Parma, Italy (Vincent Robert)
  • December 2014: Health crisis prevention, preparedness and response, Brussels, Belgium (Jean-Claude  Manuguerra)
  • December 2014: oral presentation at the conference "Health crisis prevention, preparedness and response", Brussels, Belgium (Silvia Declich).

    Slides can be downloaded here.

    For an interview of Stefania Salmaso (ISS/head of CNESPS), please follow this link

  • November 2014: oral presentation of the MediLabSecure and VectorNet project as part of parasitology Day at Institut Pasteur, Paris (Vincent Robert)
  • November 2014: oral presentation at the Health Security Workshop: How to benefit from European projects?, Brussels, Belgium (Maria Grazia Dente).

    Slides can be downloaded here.

  • October 2014: poster presentation at the E-Sove conference, Thessaloniki, Greece (Marie Picard) 

    Click here to download the poster presented at E-Sove Conference (7,8 M)

  • October 2014: oral presentation at the Conference on Health in the Mediterranean, Roma, Italy (Silvia Declich). Slides can be downloaded here.
  • September 2014: oral presentation at the VectorNet meeting, Antwerp, Belgium (Vincent Robert) 
  • September 2014: oral presentation at the Medipiet 2 kick-off meeting, Hammamet, Tunisia (15th-18th Sept.2014, Lobna Gaayeb)

    Slides can be downloaded here

  • June 2014: oral presentation at the MIVEGEC unit, IRD, Montpellier (Vincent Robert) 
  • June 2014: oral presentation at Quandhip final meeting, Brussels, Belgium (Camille Escadafal)


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