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One Health network for the prevention of vector-borne diseases around the Mediterranean and Sahel regions


Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)

Originally founded in 1944, the IRD (French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development) is a public science and technology research institute, reporting to the French ministries in charge of research and development cooperation. Working throughout the tropics, the IRD conducts its research in close cooperation with its numerous partner countries with a view to assisting the economic, social and cultural development of the countries of the South.

IRD researches focus on the relationship between man and the environment in the tropical and Mediterranean countries, with a view to contributing to the sustainable development. The aims of IRD activities are to respond to the major development challenges regarding societies and health, environment and living resources.

Infectious Diseases and Vectors : Ecology, Genetics, Evolution and Control - (MIVEGEC)

MIVEGEC (Infectious Diseases and Vectors : Ecology, Genetics, Evolution and Control) is a Joint Research Unit focusing on the ecology, genetics, evolution and control of infectious diseases and vectors.

The group's mission is to understand, through integrative research, the mechanisms underlining replication of infectious agents and their transmission dynamics, to study potential vectors, and to analyse the strategies and mechanism of adaptation and evolution of host/pathogen interactions. These investigations should lead to the implementation of novel methodologies for fighting diseases.

Research is developed at various temporal and spatial scales, including :

  • the ecosystem, including physical, biological and socio-economic parameters,

  • populations of hosts (vertebrate or invertebrate) and their pathogens (viral, bacterial, parasitic), with their phenotypic, genotypic, evolutionary characters and life-history traits,

  • individual pathogens (their genetics and cellular biology), and

  • genomic relationships involved in host-pathogen interactions

IRD Team role in medilabsecure

IRD team, lead by Dr. Vincent ROBERT, is involved in the project for the medical entomology working group.


MediLabSecure Key Expert: Dr. Vincent Robert
Project manager: Marie Picard
Email :
Phone : 0033 4 67 41 61 27

Maladies Infectieuses et Vecteurs, Écologie, Génétique, Évolution et Contrôle (MIVEGEC)
IRD Montpellier B.P. 64501, 911 avenue agropolis,
34394 Montpellier cedex 5


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