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Public Health

Work package 4

Work-package 4 (WP4) operates in the field of Public Health. It is led by two Italian Institutes “Istituto Superiore di Sanità” (ISS), for Human Public Health, and “Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise” (IZSAM), for Veterinary Public Health. Specifically, activities of WP4 promote early detection and integrated risk assessment, respecting a One Health approach and involving, besides human and veterinary public health, the sectors of human and animal virology, entomology, and climate and environment. ISS is responsible for operational studies on integrated surveillance, and multisector risk assessment exercises, while IZSAM is responsible for training need assessments and following targeted epidemiological training.


Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) (National Center for Global Health - GLOB) – Rome, Italy

Maria Grazia Dente, Silvia Declich, Key experts
Alessia Milano, Claudia Robbiati, PhD students

With the support of  Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise (IZSAM) – Teramo, Italy
Paolo Calistri, Daria Di Sabatino, Laura Amato (Epidemiology Unit)
Barbara Alessandrini, Ombretta Pediconi (Training and Project Management)

objectives & methodology

Advocacy for One Health approach in the implementation of integrated surveillance & multi-sectoral risk assessment of arbovirus infections

Goal of the WP4 is the improvement of standard methods of surveillance towards integrated surveillance, risk assessment and early case detection, through:

  • Enhance capacities for integrated actions to prevent & control epidemics & epizootics
  • Contribute to the development of methodological approaches to promote One Health initiatives
  • Strengthen the public health and veterinary services networks
  • Identify indicators & integrated surveillance systems for early warning & risk assessment
  • Promote & facilitate harmonization of integrated surveillance & early warning
  • Promote inter-sectoral interactions involved in arboviral zoonosis detection & response

  • Activities


  • Workshop 1
    Kick-Off Meeting, July 2019 - all sectors
    Multidisciplinary epidemiology training #1

  • Workshop 2
    Regional Meeting #1, January 2020 - all sectors
    Multidisciplinary & cross-border risk assessment exercise with a ToT approach

  • Workshop 3
    Regional Meeting #1, January 2020 - all sectors
    Multidisciplinary epidemiology training #2

  • Workshop 4
    Regional Meeting #2, tentative date: Summer 2020 - all sectors
    Multidisciplinary epidemiology training #3

  • Workshop 5
    Regional Meeting #3, tentative date: Spring 2021 - all sectors
    Multidisciplinary epidemiology training #4

  • Studies:

  • Survey on indicators for surveillance and early warning of arbovirus infections collected by MediLabSecure countries
    January-September 2019 - all sectors
    - Identification of indicators that could be used for early warning and risk assessment

  • Countries studies
    January 2020 - May 2021 - all sectors
    - Study visits aimed at assessing training needs for enhancing predictive and early warning capacity for arbovirus infections in selected countries of the network,
    - Description of the actual situtation in terms of data and information availability also towards predictive tools development

  • Strategic Document
    January-November 2021 - all sectors
    - Develop a strategic document on potential indicators to support integrated surveillance, early warning and predictive tools, and recommendations on establishing a web-based system

  • One health networking:

    Promote the intersectoral collaboration in all trainings and studies lead by the Work package involving, in addition to public health epidemiologists and veterinary services epidemiologists, human and animal virologists, medical entomologists and modellers to operationalize the One Health approach and its added value


  • Identification of potential indicators of outbreak risk
  • In-country situation analysis Studies  (regarding surveillance systems, data availability and training needs)
  • Multisectorial Risk Assessment exercise (MRA)
  • Training module on multidisciplinary epidemiology
  • Strategic document on early warning and predictive approaches for arbovirus infections in the Region

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