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One Health network for the prevention of vector-borne diseases around the Mediterranean and Sahel regions

Exhibition on Vectors and Diseases
Have a look at the exhibition panels to learn more about a
broad range of vectors and understand how they transmit
diseases and how to achieve their control.
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New Project Brochure
We have just released a new leaflet for the project.
Do not hesitate to download it and use it to disseminate
about the MediLabSecure network and activities.
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Medical entomology explained in motion design
The Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)
and Institut Pasteur have developed a 2:30-minute
video in motion design in order to promote medical
entomology which is one of the four components
of the MediLabSecure project.
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One Health Scientific Conference in Rome
On November 26-27, 2018, public health authorities from
human and animal health sectors from 22 countries will
gather in Rome to discuss prevention and control of
arbovirus infections in the Mediterranean and Sahel
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The project
The MediLabSecure project (2019-2022) will build on the foundations laid down
during the first phase.
It aims at preventing vector-borne diseases around the Mediterranean and
Sahelian countries by reinforcing an international network of laboratories and
public health institutions through capacity building and networking activities.

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05/2019 - MEdiLabSecure first Steering committee

The first Steering Committee of the MediLabSecure  project was held in Institut Pasteur, in Paris, France on May, 16th
 Chaired by the European Commission as funding authority,  the Steering Committee is empowered to provide recommendations and guidelines in order to ensure the successful achievement of the Project.

Gathering representatives of the European Commission, partners of the project and representatives  of other similar initiatives and international experts, this first Steering Committee was the opportunity to keep all stakeholders updated on the second phase of the project, to collect recommendations regarding its proper implementation, and to exchange with other connected projects in order to foster interactions and synergies.

04/2019 - French version of the Medical Entomology Video in motion design

"L'entomologie médicale expliquée en motion design" from MediLabSecure on Vimeo

The english version of the video is also available by clicking here

The Medical entomology video in motion design has just been translated into french! This video has been developed by the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) and the Institut Pasteur in order to promote this discipline which is one of the five components of the MediLabSecure project.

Aimed at all audiences, this educational video provides a better understanding of the central role played by medical entomology in the fight and control of vector-borne diseases.

Stay tuned, new videos are coming!

In the meantime, do not hesitate to share this video beyond the project within your own networks of interest.

04/2019 - "journÉes francophones de virologie" ("virology french days")

The human virology working group of the MediLabSecure project was present to the 21st « Journées Francophones de Virologie » (“Virology French Days”) that were held in Lyon, France on March 28-29.

Organised by the « Société Française de Virologie » (“French Society of Virology”) and gathering more than 450 participants among others researchers, engineers, veterinarians, and professors, this meeting aimed at offering a global vision of progress in molecular and cellular, medical, veterinary or plant virology to the French speaking community.

This meeting was the occasion to present a poster on the MediLabSecure project, which describes the general methodology and activities carried within the network as well as the main objectives of the second phase of MediLabSecure.

Let’s meet next year for the 22nd edition of the «Journées Francophones de Virologie » that will be organized in the Institut Pasteur in Paris on April 2-3, 2020 !

One health network for preparedness and response to viral threats in the
Mediterranean, Black Sea and Sahel regions

03/2019 - Publication strategic document

The MediLabSecure strategic document on "Integrated surveillance and risk assessment for arbovirus infections: recommendations for enhancing One Health in the Mediterranean Region" has been published.

Carried out by the Public Health working group, this document aims to contribute to the strategies for the prevention and control of arbovirus infections with a One Health approach, by focusing on integrated surveillance and multisectoralrisk assessment.

The integrated surveillance systems of three countries of the Network (Serbia, Georgia and Tunisia) have been described and assessed with a MediLabSecure situation analysis study (MeSA Study). The relevant results and lessons learned provided by the studies and activities implemented in four years of the MediLabSecure Project (2014-2017) have been reported and discussed in this strategic document, including recommendations for future actions.

This strategic document has been recognized by the public health community as an important tool to facilitate the assessment of integrated surveillance systems and to enhance the operationalization of One Health strategies in national health policies and regional contexts.

MediLabSecure strategic document on Integrated surveillance and risk assessment

for arbovirus infections: recommendations for enhancing One Health in the Mediterranean Region

The strategic document is also available by clicking here

03/2019 - EU-CBRN/BACAC 6th annual conference

MediLabSecure was invited to participate in the joint EU-CBRN/BACAC (Biosafety Association for Central Asia and the Caucasus)  6th Annual Conference which was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in March 11-14, 2019.

This meeting aimed at assessing and bridging the gaps in the field of biosafety in Central Asia and Caucacus. MediLabSecure presented itself in a dedicated session entitled "Regional Cooperation: Disease Surveillance".

This meeting was preceded by a round table for EU-CBRN National Focal Points and representatives of partners countries in the region in which MediLaBSecure also took part as project member of the EU CBRN Centers of Excellence Initiative which addresses the mitigation of and preparedness against risks related to Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear material and agents.

MediLabSecure : One Health approach to fight

emerging vector-borne viruses in the Mediterranean, Back Sea & Sahel Regions"

03/2019 - EMCA 9th international conference