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EQA follow-up & scientific technical meeting of the MediLabSecure Animal Virology Network

FOURTH workshop of the Animal Virology working group

The fourth workshop organized by the Animal Virology working group entitled “EQA follow-up & scientific technical meeting of the MediLabSecure Animal Virology Network” was held at INIA-CISA in Madrid, from November 21-22, 2017.

As part of the capacity building activities for the animal virology network, three workshops were organized in 2015, 2016 and 2017 to provide specialized training in the area of molecular and serological diagnosis of relevant arboviruses as well as in the molecular analysis and phylogeny of zoonotic pathogens.

A further step of this training curriculum was the organization in 2016 of two external quality assessments (EQAs) to evaluate the acquired capacities of each laboratory to diagnose West Nile virus (WNV) and Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) from animal samples using molecular and serological methods.

In this last meeting, the global analysis of results of both EQAs was presented to the audience: 27 attendees from 16 countries of the MediLabSecure Network. It was the opportunity to highlight main achievements and describe the most frequently observed difficulties and to share experiences among countries. This will contribute to improve the technical capacities of all the laboratories that are part of the MediLabsecure animal virology network.

Agenda of the workshop is available here.

Groupe picture

From top left : Kurtesh Sherifi (Kosovo); Nabil Abouchoaib (Morocco); Guillain Mikaty (France); Hassiba Sadaoui (Algeria); Rados Mikovic (Montenegro); Hajrudin Besirovic (Bosnia Herzegovina); Aykut Ozkul (Turkey); Teufik Goletic (Bosnia Herzegovina); Francisco Llorente (Spain); Kiril Krstevsky (Rep. Macedonia); Ani Vodica (Albania); Natela Toklikisvilli (Georgia); Pilar Aguilera (Spain); María del Carmen Barbero (Spain); Cristina Cano (Spain); Igor Djadjovski (Rep. Macedonia); Hasmik Davtyan (Armenia); Maisa Al Almeer (Jordan); Maka Kokhreidze (Georgia); Elena Coada (Moldova); Jelena Maksimovic-Zorik (Serbia); Ljubisa Veljovic (Serbia); Bosko Perisic (Montenegro); Elisa Pérez (Spain); Jovita Fernández (Spain); Amel Omani (Algeria); Miguel Ángel Jiménez (Spain); Raed Al Hakeem (Lebanon); Sayed Salem (Egypt); Naglaa Hagag (Egypt); Mohd Saddam Bintarif (Jordan); Hermine Hovsepyan (Armenia); Ludmila Kovaliov (Moldova); Selma Mejri (Tunisia); Jihène Hellal (Tunisia)

More pictures of the workshop can be downloaded here


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