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One Health network for the prevention of vector-borne diseases around the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions

> Project I Objectives


The overall objective of this Project is to increase, through capacity building the health security in the Mediterranean Area and South-East Europe Black Sea Region by enhancing and strengthening the preparedness to common health threats and bio-safety risks at national and regional levels by the creation of a Network of laboratories, by strengthening the already previously created by EpiSouth plus.

The reinforcement of relations of trust in a region is an objective and an instrument in the scope of Project’s implementation.


MediLabSecure is a European project (2014-2018) aiming to:

  • Create a framework for collaboration to improve surveillance and monitoring of emerging vector borne viral diseases (arboviruses)
  • Provide training for public health experts in participating countries to increase the communicable disease control in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region.
  • Promote knowledge development and transfer of biosafety best laboratory practices.


Prevent spread of viruses and concerned vectors (mosquitoes):

  • Prevent outbreaks of zoonotic viruses with an existing identified or potential risk in the region (West Nile, Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, Rift valley fever, …)
  • Improve integrated surveillance (animal, human, entomological)
  • Provide risk assessment of the different emerging viruses (transmission, spread, human impact…)
  • Recommend and implement public health measures for control where possible

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