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One Health network for the prevention of vector-borne diseases around the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions

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Countries of the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions have common sea borders and, as a result, share common public health issues and threats.

The MediLabSecure project aims at consolidating a Laboratory Network on the emerging viruses that are pathogens for humans and/or animals. It will represent a cluster for awareness, risk assessment, monitoring and control of these vector borne diseases. This cluster will require the interaction of four laboratory sub-networks, one for human health, one for animal health, one for entomology and one for public health reinforcement.

The MediLabSecure network will encompass partner countries around the Mediterranean and Black Sea Regions (19 non-EU countries) by means of a collaborative execution of the stated work packages to address public health-related national needs.

The Project started as a framework for collaboration for communicable diseases surveillance and training in the Mediterranean Basin Episouth then Episouth-Plus.
The EpiSouth-Plus project was co-financed from the EU Health Programme and the EU Instrument for Stability and aimed to create a framework of collaboration on epidemiological issues for enhancing communicable diseases surveillance and control of public health risks through communication, training, information exchange and technical support to countries in the region.
Episouth (Plus) included a work package on establishment of a regional reference laboratory Network which has usefully delivered a training needs assessment in the Mediterranean and South-East European region as well as several capacity building events. MediLabSecure builds on a network of laboratories previously created by another EU-funded project, EPIsouth Plus. 

Short version of the EPIsouth PLUS project video report:

Long version of the EPIsouth PLUS project video report:

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