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One Health network for the prevention of vector-borne diseases around the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions

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Orange : Laboratory member of the Human Virology network
Blue : Laboratory member of the Animal Virology network
Green : Laboratory member of the Medical Entomology network
Red: Project Partners

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There are five partners in the project, 4 responsible for each of the working groups, and one transversal coordinating partner:

Coordination and communication team

Kathleen Victoir (Key expert)                                                                                                              

Lobna Gaayeb(Project Manager)

Mialy Rabenoro (Project Assistant) 

Institut Pasteur
International Affairs Department
+33 1 40 61 38 67
 25-28 Rue du Docteur Roux
75724 Paris Cedex 15

Human Virology Working Group
Jean-Claude Manuguerra (Key expert)                                   
Camille Escadafal (Project Manager)

Institut Pasteur
Laboratory for Urgent Response to Biological Threats (CIBU)
WHOCC for reference and research on Viral Hemorrhagic Fever and Arboviruses
Environment and Infectious Risks Research and Expertise
25-28 rue du Docteur Roux
75724 Paris Cedex 15

Animal Virology Working Group
Miguel Ángel Jimenez (Key Expert)                                            
Elisa Pérez Ramírez  (Project Manager)
Jovita Fernandez (Researcher)
INIA - National Institute for Agricultural Research
Centro de Investigación en Sanidad Animal - Animal Health Research Centre (CISA-INIA)
Carretera Algete-El Casar s/n 28130
Valdeolmos Madrid

Medical Entomology Working Group
Vincent ROBERT (Key Expert)                                                       
Marie PICARD (Project Manager)

IRD  - Research Institute for Development
MIVEGEC (Infectious Diseases and Vectors : Ecology, Genetics, Evolution and Control) 
911 avenue Agropolis BP 64501
34 394 Montpellier cedex 5

Public Health Working Group
Silvia Declich (Key expert)           
Maria Grazia Dente (Key expert)                     
Flavia Riccardo (Researcher)

ISS -National Centre for Epidemiology, Surveillance and Health Promotion
Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases Unit
Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Viale Regina Elena, 299
00161 Roma

ContactInstitut Pasteur / @MediLabSecure